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Create Your Own Unique Logo - Intuitively and with Your SOUL!

Tap into your intuition and discover the imagery that authentically communicates to and magnetizes your ideal clients!

Everything is energy. And we as humans also register images much more quickly than words. So your IMAGERY is IMPORTANT.

And your logo is the FOUNDATION of your entire visual brand. So you'd better build on something POWERFUL! Which is why I'm here to teach you to CAPITALIZE on YOUR magic. To let your SOUL shine through - because your business is NOT separate from you. It's a PART of you. So your soul needs to be infused every step of the way.

Someone else is looking to YOU to create the resonant field that THEY want to play in!

Every image holds an entire library of information, of thought, of feeling – of ENERGY. And if you're letting a "designer" take YOUR soul, YOUR brand, YOUR biz and slap some random, generic imagery – even (and ESPECIALLY) if they're using those same fonts and gold accents that are all the rage – it's just not YOU.

And you know what? People will FEEL that. They'll sense the disconnect between who YOU are and all the magic you have to give versus the stale, empty logo you've decided you have to use. You'll lose their trust without even realizing why.

Have you ever met someone and knew whether or not you liked them from the start? Could tell they were representing themselves as something or someone they're not? Felt something was "off" even if you couldn't specifically identify it?

With an inauthentic logo, you can unintentionally turn people OFF for that reason. If you're visually masquerading as someone other than your authentic soul self, people will FEEL it. And they'll feel uncomfortable, losing trust, without even realizing it's happening or why.

It's not about pretending to be something you're not. It's not about creating an image that you *think* your target market or ideal clients will respond to. It's about SETTING THE ENERGETIC FOUNDATION -- infusing the energy into it. When they see the logo, they FEEL it. It's WAY more than "just a logo!"

Because if you're YOU, and you SHOW UP AS YOUR SOUL, they can FEEL that resonance... they WILL respond.

And so far? People are getting SO MUCH out of this intuitive logo design exercise series…I’ve received the most amazing PM which totally made my day...

"Mellie...you wonderful, colorful, magical soul! I just did the first exercise in your design your own logo series! You are a genius!! GENIUS!! I loved every creative second of that exercise...wow! The images that popped up in Google were out of this world! Thank you so much for the link and allowing us to step into the creativity of discovering HOW to find a feeling, image and eventually figure out a perfect design that represents not just the business, but the SOUL of the business!" --Christine

"I had a great experience with just one of Mellie's audios in this series. One day, while cruising one of the groups I'm in, I came across an recording from Mellie that guided you to find your own symbol or logo... so I thought what the heck and listened to it...and all that came forward was a Peacock! I was like what the heck a Peacock!! I mean I love them and they are so beautiful and pretty, but how could that be MY LOGO and MY SYMBOL!!??"

But I am always the first to say TRUST YOURSELF and YOUR INTUITION. So I decided to do a little research and see what exactly this bird meant, and what was the symbolism of the Peacock...and WOW, OMGosh!! The symbolism spoke to exactly what my journey has been and exactly what I assist my clients to do…

I was thrilled! Everything I read on the Peacock spoke of the journey I have been on, and what I do in my work with clients! I felt so blessed to have found my Peacock Power!" --Alicia

"I thought logos were.... meh! But then... Mellie!!!!

OH my gosh! I just did your intuitive logo design thing and... WHOA! I had a little idea but this was like a big BANG of inspiration. Ladies, you MUST try this if you don't have a logo that you LOVE!!!!. This was ahhhhhhhhmazing!!!!

This course could be $100. The value of it is solid. It is an incredible tool for people to get clear on what they actually WANT in a logo.” --Steena

See samples of Mellie's professional intuitive logo design work over on Pinterest, or visit Mellie's website to explore more magic.


Any courses or memberships will not be refunded, as full intention and energy have already been poured into each offering, and I fully expect any client to use his/her OWN intuition and discernment before purchasing any course or product. You are taking responsibility for your own results. Access to the valuable resources in this course is already given at the moment of purchase, and the value of that access already far exceeds the price I've set for this course.

I fully stand behind the value, energy, intention and content of each course I create. I bring through what is needed, which is not necessarily always what the mind thinks it wants. I work on a deeper level, and your purchase of this course is your acknowledgement that you understand the nature of intuition and its power.

Each process is CO-creative. The magic is in the energy and the possibilities which are opened up to you. It's up to you what you do with them. You are the being feeling called (or not) to make the commitment. And your payment is your commitment.

Testimonials are available and, in most cases, already displayed. It is not my responsibility to determine whether or not a product is "right" for you, and because we are all unique beings at unique points in our journeys, no specific results can be guaranteed. Results can be skewed by many things, including your own preconceptions or expectations, your own divine timing, your own receptivity to receive intuitive information at any given point. Everything happens in right timing, and it may be you're not "meant" to receive something specific before it is time! ;) It's also possibly (and likely) that what you "think" it "should" look like isn't aligned with your soul and potential. So opened is required!

Feel free to email Mellie at mellie@magicwithmellie.com if there are extenuating circumstances, or if you'd like to set up a call to discuss whether the course is "for you."

Your Instructor

Mellie Test
Mellie Test

We each have a medicine we bring into the world. For me, ART and visual beauty are expressions of MY medicine. My soul wisdom and gifts. I channel from a pure place and I take a lot of time and care to connect with the ESSENCE of things (your business, your pets, your soul). From this connection, I'm able to bring these essences out into the world - that’s my GIFT!

My soul's work is to bring forth wisdom and reveal the TRUE essence of things visually. I communicate with the souls of animals, and I tap into my client's soul essence for each visual branding, graphic design, or intuitive painting commission I undertake. Because it's that powerful undercurrent that CARRIES us. We don't need to know the way when we let our TRUE selves lead us forward.

I've been a professional graphic designer for nearly 20 years, working for large and small companies, for-profit and non-profit, in-person and remotely, in print (annual reports, conference signage, advertising) and online. I'm also an insatiable learner. A creator. An entrepreneur. And I'd love to connect with YOU.

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