EXPANDED Create Your Own Oracle Deck Course

Not "just a course" - a deep powerful JOURNEY. With worksheets, hours of guided art + graphics tuts, deep energetic activations and limiting beliefs release!



I'm a magically intuitive artist and illustrator, graphic designer (with 19 years of professional design experience), coloring book publisher, intuitive art coach, and oracle deck creation coach! I channel powerful energies into each piece of art or design I intuit, and my coaching goal is to PROVE that everyone is an intuitive artist - and to teach you how to open your own flow to authentic soul expression! :)

I’ve already created and published FIVE decks of my own.

And YOU get to pick my brain as I guide you through the creation and publishing process!

So if an oracle deck is ANYWHERE in your future, you just might want to get in on the action NOW...

Creating your own Oracle Card Deck is one of the most fabulous ways you could ever possibly step into in creating a momentum of success for 2 reasons.....

1. In the tangible, physical world - you can give the deck as a bonus to clients and for sign up in classes. You can have other coaches, healers give your deck as a bonus for classes etc (great way to joint venture), you can use the Pull a Card thread in all the Facebook groups (people LOVE that) and SO Much MORE!!

2. In the energetic world...Every card you create increases the power and resonance of the Morphic Field of your business which will accelerate your message and success momentum. Every card that is looked up, touched, or thought about, increases the Morphic Field of your business. It brings in more Energy and anchors it more firmly into the consciousness of your current AND possible clients!!!

So, do you wish you could be guided through the process, from start to finish, and have your very own 100% unique and custom product to sell?

This is the EXPANDED Create Your Own Oracle Deck Course.

In addition to the original course content and step-by-step tutorials, this expanded edition includes:

1. Additional and updated course content.

2. Over 16 group call recordings with tons of insight and guidance

3. Eight guided recorded intuitive art and/or graphics play sessions

4. Weekly Sacred Activations, Alchemical Activations, and Empowered Energetics: energy clearings, limiting belief clearings, and activations to assist in clearing your way facilitate the power and depth of YOUR magic-making!


1. FIVE bonus full guided intuitive art sessions!

2. SEVEN bonus Sacred Activations healing audios

3. FOUR bonus Empowered Energetics clearing audios

4. THREE bonus Alchemical Activations energy clearing audios

5. Extra behind the scenes videos of Mellie's two newest oracle decks in the making

What if...
  • You could have your OWN custom oracle deck - and be selling it, in ONE MONTH?
  • Your deck would have YOUR wisdom, YOUR branding, YOUR love?
  • You could KNOW that your deck is calling to and supporting your ideal clients?
  • Your deck could become a unique and can't-get-anywhere-else add-on to your services, where you would KNOW your clients are getting continual support to MAXIMIZE their growth?
  • You could SELL your deck for however much you like, for print on demand?


Think about the possibilities:
  • NO ONE ELSE will be able to offer YOUR DECK to YOUR CLIENTS.
  • NO ONE ELSE will have YOUR MAGIC.
  • You'll have YOUR branding incorporated AND...
  • the ability to sell your own decks through purchasing your own inventory OR print on demand, where it's all taken care of FOR you!

My goal is to show you that it is NOT hard to create an oracle deck. All you need is your wisdom and a way to execute it that 1) uses whatever resources you DO have available RIGHT now, and 2) feels like YOU.

My goal is also to make this a deep and powerful deck - WORTHY OF YOUR MAGIC! Which is why I include layers of deep energetic activation to clear any swampiness and set a solid and strong foundation.

Take the leap and create and publish your OWN ORACLE DECK!

I walk you through considerations and inspiration and sourcing for images (one option is to create your own artwork), then we move to the messages module (considerations like creating or sourcing mantras or channeling messages etc), then there's the nitty gritty file processing (I’ve videoed tutorials in both Canva and Photoshop - your choice) and uploading and setting up your order page piece... then hitting PUBLISH!

This amazing Course includes:

  • EIGHT modules, each including course content, video call recordings, energy work recordings, and art/graphics play lessons.
  • A beautiful deck (or many!) created by YOU which you can SELL, give away, and enjoy!
  • The ability to create as many future decks as you like, simply by going through the steps again and again.
  • In-depth video tutorials for both Canva and Photoshop, as well as for Gamecrafter

“Mellie is an amazing and passionate teacher. She is encouraging motivating and so so loving. I can’t recommend her course enough...she is always available and super supportive of your process. She is very good at helping you push yourself to grow into the artist you are...there was no question for me about saying YES to anything Mellie teaches no matter what the cost she is more than worth every penny for her devotion and talent.” --Farida

"I am in love with you, your art & the way you ran this course. You a talented artistic. But yet you were so encouraging & open to whatever we were about. You genuinely made me feel like I can draw. Thank you for that permission." --Moj

“I really enjoyed being part of Mellie’s course and tribe. My favorite part of the course was the actual creation of the images for the cards. I was really afraid I was going to hit a wall and not knowing in which direction to move, but with Mellie’s support I could easily navigate through the different directions the design process took me... I found amazing the support she gave us in the process. She was always present for us in the FB group and giving us extra resources for support. Having a group of women to bounce ideas of and for feedback was awesome. It really helped at times when life got in the way." --Marialuz

“WOW, thank you so much Mellie for this course - I had a great time!! Feels amazing when you hit the publish button!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I never used Photoshop before and know I’m not so good at technical stuff. That’s how GREAT this course is! BIG HUG.” --Andi

“I never would have finished this or even known how to proceed without this course and the warm encouragement. Thank you, I think you have started me on to something amazing. Now, on to my next project!” --Sharon

“I’m really enjoying the modules and find them very helpful in terms of organization. Module 1.1 blew me away when I really connected and identified blocks. It’s helping as I go through module 1.2 and I keep referring back to do some releasing while going through 1.2. I love the visual wisdom exercise for each card! Thank you!” --Charlotte

“Your attention to detail has been wonderful. The care you’ve taken to show us all we needed to know to get these completed has be the best ever. I felt supported.” --Tracey


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THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. A project of this type requires a significant energetic commitment, and you'll receive full access to confidential materials immediately upon purchase. Please make sure you're willing to accept responsibility for your own application of the materials before you purchase. Please contact Mellie if you have questions before purchasing. Purchasing this course signifies your acceptance of the no refund policy and commitment to the course content.

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Mellie Test
Mellie Test

We each have a medicine we bring into the world. For me, ART and visual beauty are expressions of MY medicine. My soul wisdom and gifts. I channel from a pure place and I take a lot of time and care to connect with the ESSENCE of things (your business, your pets, your soul). From this connection, I'm able to bring these essences out into the world - that’s my GIFT!

My soul's work is to bring forth wisdom and reveal the TRUE essence of things visually. I communicate with the souls of animals, and I tap into my client's soul essence for each visual branding, graphic design, or intuitive painting commission I undertake. Because it's that powerful undercurrent that CARRIES us. We don't need to know the way when we let our TRUE selves lead us forward.

I've been a professional graphic designer for nearly 20 years, working for large and small companies, for-profit and non-profit, in-person and remotely, in print (annual reports, conference signage, advertising) and online. I'm also an insatiable learner. A creator. An entrepreneur. And I'd love to connect with YOU.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Can I get a refund?
Due to the amount of information you have access to as soon as you're enrolled, and the energy work that begins once you commit, the course registration fee is non-refundable. Before you sign-up, please make sure you’re fully committed to participating in and completing the course. If you need more information to help you make a solid decision, contact Mellie with your questions.

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